Bringing ad targeting on mobile devices to new levels of accuracy and authentication

Gidget is a machine learning ad placement and distribution technology that optimizes video content and improves ad relevancy across mobile devices. By capturing location & demographic data, device ID, and discrete consumer behavior, Gidget’s technology creates customized media experiences that enable advertisers to deliver uniquely targeted and relevant content.

Separate the video ad stream from the content stream, work with beacons, beams and geo-fencing schemes to authenticate and locate devices precisely

Use a secure caching system to house video content on each device while protecting the user’s privacy

Real-time analytics select appropriate ad breaks and optimize campaigns and creatives on each device in real time

Developed by scientists who have built sophisticated software platforms for BlackRock and Bell Labs, Gidget’s machine learning, data processing technology hyper-targets video across mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and wearables. Ad campaigns are managed on servers while ad decisions are made on the device, thereby protecting the user’s privacy by assuring that personal information stays on the device. Our sophisticated caching schemes combined with Latitude / Longitude technology delivers targeted content and ad services that improve relevance and increase engagement

Privacy Future-Proof Protection

Viewer can protect their privacy – all data use and decision making happens at the device level

Beacons and Geo-Fencing for transaction targeting

Gidget works with beacons & beams deployed at retailers nationwide to support brand advertisers

Sophisticated Caching Schemes

Ability to cache videos and executables on devices

Geo-Targeting & IP Address

Target to the State, City, or Street Corner – Gidget can deliver your message

Geo Decision Makers

Create triggers on who gets what and when in real time

Lat / Long

Only system that delivers Lat / Long to advertisers and publishers for precise ratings

Gidget’s platform is a complete system serving publishers, ad & content providers, campaign managers, retailers and, most importantly, the user. Our technology provides advertisers with absolute visibility into ad consumption patterns combined with the ability to parse return data in realtime. Our dashboard allows campaign managers to run advance simulations and serves as a tool kit to work with in-market management engines.

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